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ATA Certification Exam

The IJET-25 Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that an ATA certification exam is scheduled in Tokyo on Monday, June 23, 2014 after the IJET-25 conference.


Arrangements for taking the certification exam are made through ATA Headquarters. The fee of $300 includes all administrative and grading expenses. Candidates must provide proof that they meet the eligibility requirements. They may register for an exam at the same time they apply for ATA membership. ATA Headquarters must receive a completed registration form with payment of $300 at least two weeks before the test is administered. Late registration depends on whether there is space available and whether exams can be delivered in time. Eligible candidates may register by paying an additional late fee for a total of $345.


Candidates will be provided further information on the exam site, room number and time of sitting once they have registered for the exam. To register, print, complete and submit the Certification Registration Form to ATA.


We are also offering workshops at the IJET-25 conference. We encourage you to visit this website regularly for further updates.



1. Candidate must be a member of ATA for at least a month prior to the exam date and all candidates not currently ATA certified must have offered proof of eligibility in order to register for the exam. The exam sitting has a maximum capacity and admission is based on the order in which registrations are received at ATA Headquarters. Please be reminded that exam sittings in major metropolitan areas frequently fill up weeks or months in advance. Therefore, candidates are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible.

2. The exam sitting involves writing by hand. No electronic devices such as laptops or electronic dictionaries are allowed. All cellphones must be turned off and stowed away.

3. The certification examination is open book. You may bring and use printed reference materials such as dictionaries, thesauruses, printouts, and notecards, but you are not permitted to share with another candidate.

4. Practice tests are available with a fee of $50.00 (ATA members) or $90.00 (non-members) for each passage. We highly recommend candidates to take a practice test to see whether they are sufficiently prepared to take the examination. Practice tests are graded using the same criteria as a certification exam passage, and returned to candidates with feedback. Please allow 8 weeks for receipt of the evaluation. Click here for details.

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