For people who sit all day – How to regain a healthy posture with the Mitzvah Technique

Sitting too much? Are you slouching?

Learn how to regain a healthy posture.

Anyone who spends much of their day hunched over a computer will benefit from this session.

Most of us are born with bodies that function well, but we learn unhealthy posture habits as we grow up. We hunch our shoulders, cross our legs, and push our heads forward. Our bodies become unbalanced when we carry books and bags on our hips and backs. Carelessly, we flop in front of televisions and lounge on sofas that are too soft. As we mature, these habits interfere with the proper development of our skeletal and neuromuscular structure. In adulthood, this postural misalignment can result in an achy back, pain in the hips and knees, and decreased body function and co-ordination. 

Maintaining a good posture is simple but not easy… So let me introduce you to some tips to improve your body awareness, break up your muscle tension, and increase overall fluidity.

The Mitzvah Technique was developed by M. Cohen-Nehemia during the 1970’s. He is a qualified Alexander Technique Teacher and worked with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. His approach to achieve a better posture is to restore the Mitzvah mechanism which brings an upward force and fluidity to the body. Mitzvah is a Hebrew word which means “A good deed returning good to the doer"