Andy Klim

Andy Klim

A lifelong gamer with a creative writing background, Andy Klim has worked full-time as a freelance localizer for eight years. His first job was as an unpaid editor/rewriter for Chaos Rings in 2009, and he has since gone on to work on over fifty titles spanning all platforms and genres, with credit recognition in Fossil Fighters: Frontier and Final Fantasy Dimensions 2, among others. A firm believer in taking a more creative approach as opposed to sticking steadfastly to the original Japanese, he sees teamwork and communication as essential to the success of any localization project.


The Localization Game – Not Just Role Playing

This interactive session is focused on game localization but should interest anyone working in areas that call for creative translation skills, and particularly freelance translators.  The presenters will introduce some of the creative, technical, and organizational challenges...