Charles Aschmann


Charles Aschmann is a freelance translator living in the mountains of Virginia in the United States and specializes in patents, chemistry and pharma. When he is not translating, he is usually working on his farm, traveling, playing the trumpet or volunteering in his community. He serves on the JAT board as Webmaster. You might remember him from past presentations on translation tools and a few lifestyle presentations. These days he works as a translator (and occasionally an interpreter) by choice rather than out of necessity, making work much more enjoyable. He uses translation tools to improve the quality of his work and make it easier.


Revisiting Retirement: Ready or Running?

How do you see yourself when you are 70? Or perhaps 55 or 60, perhaps 80? The question is much like “What do you want to be when you grow up?” We may not really know, but it is good to have some vision. Implementing that vision may be impacted by our health, family members’...