Jakub Marszalenko

Jakub Marszalenko

Received his BA and MA degrees in Japanese Studies at the University of Warsaw in 2005 and 2008, respectively. He received his second Master’s degree in Global Human Sciences at Osaka University in 2013, in his thesis focusing on legal interpreting and translation in Japan. He then received his PhD at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies in 2017 in English Linguistics and Pedagogy. In his research, J. Marszalenko focuses on the use of English in interpreter-mediated criminal proceedings in Japan discussing issues faced in these proceedings by non-native speakers of English. He serves as a legal interpreter for courts, the Public Prosecutors Office and the Police. In this line of work, he has interpreted in approximately fifteen criminal court cases (including two saiban’in trials) and more than fifty criminal investigations. His other legal interpreting experience includes two civil court cases and a case of arbitration by the International Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. J. Marszalenko currently works at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies.


Differences between Japanese and American Judicial Procedure: Interpreters’ Perspectives

There are many differences between the US and Japanese judicial procedures. Suzuki will talk about one of the biggest differences –deposition procedure which is a disclosure tool. She will explain what it is and the role of interpreters in the procedure, as well as expressions...