Judy Wakabayashi



With experience as an in-house and freelance translator, Judy Wakabayashi teaches Japanese-English translation and translation theory to students in the M.A. in Translation program and translation history to students in the Ph.D. in Translation Studies program at Kent State University in Ohio. She is translator of several non-fiction books, co-editor of Asian Translation Traditions (2005), Decentering Translation Studies: India and Beyond (2009), Translation and Translation Studies in the Japanese Context (2012) and Translating and Interpreting in Korean Contexts: Engaging with Asian and Western Others (forthcoming), and author of dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters on translation.


Closing panel discussion: Three Decades of IJET and Beyond

This year there will be a special closing panel session on the theme “Three Decades of IJET and Beyond”, with four distinguished panelists — Tony Atkinson, Manako Ihaya, William Lise, and Satomi Matsumaru — all of whom have made an enormous contribution to the T&I industry. This...


The Socialization of Translators: Fostering Professional Values and Practices

This presentation examines how, through formal and/or informal training and experience, translators acquire and internalize the skills and knowledge, values, attitudes, norms, behaviours, roles and professional identity associated with seasoned translators. The study draws on...