Kay Nason

Kay Nason

Kay Nason serves as a Chief Interpreter. She joined Honda R&D in 1996, and is in charge of Language Services sub-division, serving 39 locations of Honda in the states and overseas.  She is also active in simultaneous interpretation on a daily basis as well as training of new interpreters and translators.
She developed a Honda Terminology database in 2004 with her colleague with an aspiration to document Honda’s unique lingua-franca to leave it to the generations to come. She initiated a project in 2004 for translation memory and increased translation productivity by 40%. Her division also initiated a project for machine translation, incorporating unique Honda terminology into off-the-shelf software. The customized machine translation is used not only by translators, but, more importantly, by engineers.
She holds a BA in English and American Literature from Doshisha, Japan and an MA in Applied Linguistics from William Carey International University, Ca.


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