Mel Ok

Mel Ok

Mel Ok got his start as a localization tester for Halo 2, which inspired him to get into the field. Years later, he joined a game translation firm as a Project Manager and has since become freelance, working on many mobile titles. Using his prior experience as a PM, he has lately been tasked with coordinating teams to work on large projects, which include Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 with Andy Klim and other colleagues. His main motto is to go with creative interpretation over direct translation for both game translation as well as the occasional interpreting he does. “The ultimate goal of localization is to transcreate and portray the creator’s intent.”


The Localization Game – Not Just Role Playing

This interactive session is focused on game localization but should interest anyone working in areas that call for creative translation skills, and particularly freelance translators.  The presenters will introduce some of the creative, technical, and organizational challenges...