Michael Fegan


Michael has lived in Asia across 5 countries (Japan twice!) during the past 16 years and currently runs the North Asia region (JP, KR, HK, CN) for RNSSI while based in Hong Kong. A researcher, salesperson and polyglot, Michael has been responsible for tendering millions of dollars in translation spend over the course of his career. He is keenly aware of the challenges presented to translators across the globe by companies that seemingly care about quality while challenging on timelines and costs. He would like to share some of his personal findings with you in the hopes that you can learn from his many mistakes.


Understanding the value of your own personal brand

Understanding the value of your own personal brand can help you and your business grow by implementing some simple, commercial metrics. How do you segment your customers? Are you allotting your valuable time in the right manner? How to present yourself to your pernickety...