We are proud to introduce the planning committee members for IJET 31 in Fukuoka!


Benjamin Tompkins

Benjamin Tompkins

Miyuki Ueno

Miyuki Ueno

PR Coordinator (Japanese)

Marian Kinoshita
PR Coordinator (English)

Tomoko Chikanaga

Tomoko Chikanaga
Volunteer Leader 

Paul Williams

Jim Rion

JAT Pep Squad

Nadine A. Edwards, JAT Director and IJET Liaison
I have been a member of JAT since 2012 and have benefited greatly from the networking and learning that past IJETs have offered. I am passionate about helping this dynamic team create a fantastic IJET-31 in Fukuoka!

Takeshi Miyahara, JAT Director, Treasurer/PR and Asst. IJET Liaison
I was initiated into JAT in 2018. IJETs are great chance for networking with peers as well as for self-development. I hope to meet and get to know many fellow translators and interpreters at IJET-31 and look forward to seeing what it brings to us smile