De-Verbalization 言葉にとらわれない通訳

Many interpreters in training get caught up by focusing on words rather than concepts.  Of course, accuracy is a must, if not the prime directive in interpreting; however, that does not mean that each individual word is translated accurately, as a dictionary might dictate.  Truly accurate interpreting requires the interpreter to be able to see things from both the speaker’s perspective (“what does s/he want to convey?”) and the listener’s perspective (“what will the listener hear?”).  This in turn requires a high degree of sensitivity to, and understanding of, each party’s cultural norms and idioms, as well as each party’s already-existing appreciation for the other, which makes each interpreting session a truly unique and dynamic event.   In this session, the speaker will discuss how to be attuned to the various factors that enable accurate interpreting, using specific examples.