Japanese Translation/Interpreting Courses at North American Universities

Japanese Translation/Interpreting Courses at North American Universities: Language Teaching and Training for Future Professionals

An increasingly globalized economy and changing demographics have recently drawn more attention to translation and translator training. Thus, after years on the margins as a result of emergence of the proficiency movement, translation is today regaining a position of importance in Japanese language education. Whereas in 2000 no undergraduate language programs listed translation courses, nowadays several academic institutions offer classes in Japanese translation and interpreting.

Focusing on advanced Japanese language curricula at three different institutions, this panel will demonstrate how foreign language educators teach translation and interpreting to train future translators. Mari Noda will provide a broad overview of Japanese translation and/or interpreting courses currently offered at American universities and discuss training Japanese interpreters through workshops with the goal of developing a regular interpreting course. Anna Zielinska-Elliott will explain the strategies used in her translation and interpreting class to improve proficiency and gain a deeper understanding of Japanese language and culture. Yoshihiro Mochizuki will demonstrate how the approach taken in his business translation course simultaneously develops students’ translation skills and their overall Japanese proficiency. The session will be opened up for an exchange of ideas about effective strategies for training students, including future translators and interpreters, within a language-learning context.