Self-health Awareness for the Freelancer and Getting Your ZZZs

Freelancers are notoriously challenged when it comes to maintaining one’s health—between the grueling stress of short delivery times and chaotic fluctuations of workloads, many find it difficult to maintain the regular sleep-wake, exercise, and even meal schedules conducive to a healthy lifestyle. And when’s the last time you had a proper check-up? Right? Add to that the “wealth” of web-sourced health propaganda and dearth of any regulation of such info and you have a prescription for potential disaster.
Shiho will address health literacy, check-ups, and computer use issues vital to maintaining a freelancer’s health, followed by Sako presenting on that vital commodity: sleep. We’ll save the last 30 minutes for Q&A and interactive discussion among our attendees on what they do to keep healthy.


Sako Ikegami, PharmD

Chair of JATPHARMA Steering Committee

Shiho Koizumi

JAT Director