Think Big. Discover What Honda has to Offer Language Professionals

Honda R&D Americas has a unique sub-division, focusing on interpretation and translation, and this division adapts new technologies quickly to support development of automobile, power sports and power equipment products as well as advanced research. The majority of interpreters and translators perceive in-house work as a stepping stone for lucrative freelance opportunities. However, Honda R&D Americas provides a career path for interpreters and translators, just as for their engineers. The now sub-division started as a small group in 1996, became a department in 2012, and a sub-division in 2014. This unit supports Honda companies at 39 locations globally. 
In this presentation, Honda R&D Americas will introduce new interpretation and translation tools including methods for providing simultaneous interpretation during video conferences to multiple locations from one location, and providing remote interpretation for video conferences when the interpreter is located at a non-participating location. Translation tools will be presented at a different session of this conference.