Doug Durgee

Doug Durgee

A freelance translator of 14+ years and part-time Airbnb Superhost/landlord. Douglas and family have recently traded the mountains of Tohoku for those of sunny Colorado. When not translating or hosting, he enjoys snowboarding, hiking, bodyweight/gymnastic strength training, home improvements, and subjecting his impressionable 8-year-old son to "new classic" 80s/90s movies (“Party on, dude”). One day soon, he aspires to semi-retire from translation to focus more on tending to the house(s), cooking, and just being a dad for a while.


Translators on FIRE: The Hopes and Hype of Early Retirement

You may have heard of the FIRE movement: Financial Independence, Retire Early. Is early retirement desirable or even possible as a lowly translator, or is it just a dream for those with fancy engineering and IT salaries attempting to escape the rat race? This session will introduce FIRE for the uninitiated, explain the presenter's perspective on how the concept differs as a freelance...