Andrew Migita-Meehan

Andrew Migita-Meehan

Andrew MIGITA-MEEHAN, AIIC. Trained at University of Geneva. Owner of Kabushikikaisha Meehan Group and Meehan Group LLC. Mr Meehan works extensively for Japanese ministries, NY and DC law firms, and Olympics. He teaches ethics in interpreting and conference interpretation in Japan at universities since 2010.
His recent projects include advisory work on ISO for translation and interpretation as a representative of JISC (Japan Industrial Standards Committee); AIIC’s Distance Interpreting Survey Working Group; and AIIC VEGA (mentoring & community outreach) work in Japan.


The ABC’s of Working as an Interpreter — An encyclopedic journey

How does one find footing in an industry where freelancers dominate? What are the protocols in our industry? How do I maneuver the maze of unspoken rules? How much should I charge? I hear these questions all of the time. Mentoring and outreach group AIIC VEGA is here to help....