Chris Blakeslee

Chris Blakeslee

CB has been a freelance J2E translator for 20 years, and after trying out different fields his first several years quickly found his niche in translating fixed income and equity market research, quant strategy, and academic papers in economics. His direct clients have included some of the world’s leading investment banks, stock brokerage firms, and central banks, a customer portfolio that led him to develop a sub-specialty in monetary policy. He has a Finance degree from Florida State University and studied graduate-level economics at the University of Toulouse. He spends most of his time in Bali nowadays.


Translating monetary policy talk and central banker speak

What do translators and central bankers have in common? An extreme fixation on choosing the right words. Monetary policy is a field where words really matter. Sure, qualitative and quantitative easing (QQE) and interest on excess reserves sound like dry subjects, but imagine you...