Etsuko Good

Etsuko Good

Etsuko Good is a freelance translator/interpreter based in Pittsburgh, PA. She was born and raised in Japan and graduated from Doshisha University with a BA in English Literature. She then moved to the US and received Master of Arts Degrees in Linguistics and International Affairs from Ohio University.
Etsuko became a freelance translator/interpreter back in 1998, establishing a self-proprietorship called Japan Business Center. Her extensive experience includes working across both commercial and government market segments, in both the US and Japan, including manufacturing, quality control audits, energy, business, legal, healthcare, finance, IT, military and diplomacy for the US State Department.
Her recent work for the State Department has been in support of their IVLP (International Visitor Leadership Program), the premium exchange program between the US and Japan in helping young Japanese emerging leaders in deepening their professional expertise as well as learning about US culture and business practices.


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