Friedemann Horn


Friedemann Horn

Friedemann has been active in patent translation and intellectual property for over 20 years, during which he has translated, checked and prosecuted thousands of patent applications. He started his career as an electrical engineer and in-house translator for a Japanese patent law firm. Friedemann is the founder of Horn & Uchida Patent Translations Ltd., a translation house located in Osaka that specializes in the translation of patent applications between Japanese and English, and a founding partner of Horn Kleimann Waitzhofer Patent Attorneys, a patent law firm based in Munich. Today his main focus is on representing Japanese clients before the European Patent Office. This often involves improving translations and thinking about the meaning of words and the wonders of language.


Mistakes in Technical Translation from a Linguistic Perspective

The different structures of Japanese and English sometimes lead to translationese, where the original Japanese shines through in the English translation. In the best case, this will result in unnatural or awkward English, but in the worst case, the meaning of the original will...