Henry Smith

Henry Smith

Henry Smith manages a report-writing team at Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, a non-clinical contract research organization where he has worked as a translator and editor for ten years. He is also a Visiting Professor of Veterinary Medical English at Kagoshima University. However, he was into middle age before taking the first step into Japanese-to-English pharmaceutical translation, having been a computer engineer in the United Kingdom before moving to Kyushu. With writing experience ranging from simian keratoconus to the SOP for opening a chemical refrigerator, he aims to bring the varied perspective of a laboratory’s in-house translator to this IJET session.


Writing for Publication and Editing Research Papers Written by Non-native Speakers of English

In a sure-to-be-lively, moderated panel session, two experienced practitioners will briefly review key issues involved in scientific writing and editing for publication, then answer questions from the audience and moderator. This interactive session is intended for those seeking...