Indra Levy

Indra Levy

Indra Levy works on modern Japanese literature, with a particular interest in the changes that took place in conceptions of language, style, gender and genre in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Attention to the pivotal role of translations into Japanese informs her work on the development of modern Japanese vernacular style as well as her current research on concepts and practices of comedy. She received her Ph.D. in Japanese literature from Columbia University in 2001. Prior to joining the Stanford faculty in 2004, she taught at Rutgers University.


Translating Comedy, and the Comedy of Translation

Comedy is a delicate creature, and a prized catch. On the one hand, it is widely held that two of the easiest ways to kill comedy are through translation and explanation. On the other hand, we love to laugh, and we love to share the things that tickle our funny bone. Who can...