James L. Davis

Professor at the University of Wisconsin

James L. Davis

James L. Davis is Professor and Director of the Technical Japanese Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A licensed Professional Engineer, he has worked as a chemical engineer in industry, has conducted research as a Fulbright Graduate Fellow at Kyoto University, and has been teaching technical Japanese at the UW-Madison since 1990. Davis is ATA-certified in Japanese-into-English translation. He previously served as Administrator of the Japanese Language Division of the ATA and as a grader in the ATA certification program. He currently serves as a judge for the J-into-E portion of the JAT Contest for New and Aspiring Translators. 


How Long Is Too Long? Strategies for Translating Long Japanese Sentences

Every Japanese-into-English translator has had the experience of reading (and rereading) a long Japanese sentence, trying to keep track of various elements of the sentence while attempting to understand the message the writer intended to convey. In this presentation the speaker...