Jason Herlands

Jason Herlands

Jason Herlands is Assistant Professor of Japanese at Grand Valley State University, where he teaches courses in Japanese language and literature in translation and leads a study abroad trip on Japanese food cultures. Jason’s research focuses on representations of intoxication in modern and contemporary Japanese fiction, examining authors such as Nakagami Kenji, Murakami Ryu, and Abe Kazushige. Jason learned the Kyoto dialect during his study abroad years and the Toyama dialect during three years on the JET program. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Michigan in 2009.


Regional Dialects and Literary Translation

This paper explores the conundrums involved in translating the regional dialects of two contemporary Japanese authors, Nakagami Kenji and Abe Kazushige, whose respective uses of dialect carry significance beyond the meaning of individual utterances. Both authors make linguistic...