Jessi Nuss

Jessi Nuss

As a Japanese-to-English visual media translation director at the Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy (JVTA), Jessi Nuss is involved with the coordination of translation and subsequent delivery of Japanese content to the world, which includes Japanese films, TV shows, corporate videos, manga, and much more. She also teaches the skills needed for this type of visual media translation in JVTA’s Japanese-to-English translation course. Along with translation, Jessi is also involved in helping businesses and individuals improve essential global communication skills in the areas of speaking, presenting, writing, and moviemaking as a part of JVTA’s new Global Communication Support division.


Tokyo 2020 and More - Latest Trends in Visual Media Translation

This session will look at the most recent trends in the Japanese visual media translation industry with a focus on Japanese-to-English translation. It will explore two main areas that should interest anyone working, or considering working, in the audiovisual translation field....