Kiyohide Okamoto

Kiyohide Okamoto

Kiyohide Okamoto graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Osaka City University. After a few years with Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co. (now OMRON Corporation), he was sent to California, U.S.A to serve as a patent liaison for OMRON’s R&D subsidiary for three years. On returning to Japan he managed the international and domestic intellectual property for a variety of the company’s businesses. Mr. Okamoto subsequently lead OMRON’s Intellectual Property Division, and remained an advisor until full retirement in 2008. Later that year he established OKAMOTO IP Management as the President. Mr. Okamoto is Past President of Licensing Executives Society Japan, Past Director of Intellectual Property Association of Japan, and a member of IP Management Experts Network. He is currently a Visiting Professor at Kobe University (since 2009), and formerly a Professor at the Graduate School of Intellectual Property at Osaka Institute of Technology (2011 to 2016).


Business and IP Management in Japanese Companies

In recent years the competitiveness of the Japanese industries, especially electronic industries, which reached the height of the 1980s in the world, is decreasing in the rise of neighboring Asian countries. The main reason is that Japanese companies were unable to supply the...