Manako Ihaya

Interpreter and translator

Manako Ihaya

Manako Ihaya is an interpreter/translator based in Orange County, California. She refers to herself as a “Jill of All Trades,” interpreting in both the consecutive and simultaneous modes as well as translating in both directions between English and Japanese. A former journalist with The Japan Times in Tokyo, she is a member of both Japan Association of Translators and American Translators Association, serving on the JAT Board from 2007 to 2010 including as President, and as an ATA certification grader for Japanese-into-English exams since 2008, the Language Chair since 2019. 


ATA Certification Exam Workshop

This workshop will help exam candidates better understand how their translations will be graded, thereby increasing their overall preparedness for the exam. Attendees will receive a sample passage (J>E or E>J) prior to the workshop and submit their translations in advance. The...