Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson is President of The University of Akron and a professor of law. Before becoming President in 2016, he served as Dean of The University of Akron School of Law (2014-16) and Associate Dean/Professor at the University of Wyoming College of Law (2009-14).  From 2003-09, he was a law professor at Temple University, and concurrently served as senior associate dean and general counsel at Temple University Japan in Tokyo. He teaches Japanese law, international business law, international dispute resolution, cross-border negotiations, and intellectual property law.  President Wilson has practiced law internationally and worked extensively in the field of translation, working for various law firms (U.S./Saipan) and companies (Yokogawa Weathac and Apple Box Co./Sony in Japan).  His legal experience has included commercial litigation, intellectual property matters, cyberspace law, and general corporate law. 


Introduction to Japan’s New Quasi-jury Trial System (裁判員制度) and Translation Challenges

In August 2009, Japan conducted its first “jury trial” in over 60 years. Citizen participation in criminal trials is one of several revolutionary legal reforms in Japan intended to solidify democratic processes, facilitate economic stability, and enhance Japan's position in the...