Michael Tangeman

Michael Tangeman

I am an associate professor of Japanese at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. I teach Japanese language courses at all levels, and a number of courses on modern Japanese literature and film.
My primary intellectual pursuit is literary translation. I am fascinated by genre fiction, and the creativity authors evince in manipulating the required elements in mystery fiction: crime, suspect, detective, modus operandi, etc.
I am also interested in experimental fiction that seeks to redefine common preconceptions about literature, especially the authors as Takahashi Gen’ichirō and EnJoe Toh. 


Poetry + Prose + Mathematics = EnJoe Toh: On Translating EnJoe’s “Shuffle Drive”

EnJoe Toh (b. 1972) is a remarkable figure in contemporary Japanese literature. He holds a 2007 Ph.D. in Physics from Tokyo University, and he won the Akutagawa Prize for the latter half of 2011. Although his work is often categorized as sci-fi, it is more aptly classified, to...