Qianqian Zhang

Qianqian Zhang

Qianqian Zhang worked as a cost analyst at TS Tech Americas, Inc., headquarter of TS Tech corporation in North and South America. She specialized in seat trim cover material cost analysis with translation responsibilities. Currently, Qianqian works as a graduate teaching associate for both Japanese and Chinese languages courses at the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at the Ohio State University while she is pursuing her master’s degree in East Asian Language Pedagogy. Qianqian is also a freelance corporate trainer that prepares potential expatriates from U.S. companies, such as Worthington Industries in Columbus, Ohio, with essential language skills and culture knowledge before they are sent to Japan or China.


Interpreting Culture: Understanding Intent, Speaker Roles, and Content over Language

It is important to apply pragmatics when interpreting, by thinking beyond the language used and being conscious of the speakers’ roles and intents.  For example, a first-time visitor from Japan to the US would most likely require different treatment in interpretation than a...