Richard Sadowsky

Richard Sadowsky

Richard has presented at several IJETs and JAT PROjects, most often on productivity tools. He was on the Kyoto IJET committee in 2000, chaired the Kobe IJET in 2006 and was on the committee for the Hawaii IJET in 2013. He has been on the JAT eJuku mentoring team since 2011 and is also involved in JAT Kansai activities. Richard lives on Awaji Island in the Seto Inland Sea.


Faster Translation with Fewer Keystrokes: Abbrv Expansion and Simple Macros

For translators who do not use dictation, tapping our fingers on a keyboard is how we make a living. Any way to get words onto the screen with less typing—copy and paste, e.g.—saves us time and energy, keeping carpal tunnel syndrome at bay and easing stress. This presentation...