Rie Moriguchi

Rie Moriguchi

Rie Moriguchi graduated from Kyoto Pharmaceutical University in 1987, and started her own medical/pharmaceutical translation business in 1992 as R&A Medical Translation Service. She has over twenty years of experience specializing in the translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents. In addition to her translation work, Moriguchi is active as a medical translation educator and author. She has written textbooks on medical translation for correspondence courses and published books for medical English learners, and is a popular speaker on medical translation topics. She is based in the Kansai area.


J-E Medical Translation Workshop: The View from Both Sides

Some translators working in J-E translation are translating into their native tongue, whereas others are translating into English as a foreign language. They may therefore have difficulty with different passages, although they may also struggle with the same phrases. The...