Saemi Hirayama

Saemi Hirayama

Saemi Hirayama is an in-house translator at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. She graduated from Yokohama Gaigo Business College in English Studies. Her primary responsibilities include machine translation project, term management system project and terminology review committee.
Saemi Hirayama joined Honda R&D Americas in 2001. In 2008 she imported Honda R&D Americas' glossary of 25,000 technical terms into Fujitsu Atlas--the MT software provided by the company--establishing a machine translation system that could be used within the company. In 2012 she introduced the UTX (Universal Terminology eXchange) dictionary conversion format, transferring 80,000 terms from Atlas to Toshiba The Honyaku, establishing both online and desktop versions. In 2013 she began investigating web-based and desktop versions of a new MT program capable of accessing translation memories to be shared amongst all of Honda’s global sites. In 2014 she established a terminology committee that meets each month to gather feedback from internal users on mistaken translations and unknown terms, and updates the company’s glossary. By the first year she succeeded in reducing outsourcing costs by half, and by the third year was able to cut the number of internal translation requests in half. She continues to shed light on the common misconception about machine translation.



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