Stephen Kohler

Freelance Translator

Stephen Kohler

Entertainment content translator primarily working with manga, light novels, and games. Full-time freelancer for three years, based in western Honshu. Loves being immersed in stories—developing distinct voice and register for different characters and settings, and identifying, sorting, and managing the lore and associated terminology of each world. Aspires to get at the heart of the source and convey it in a way that equally resonates. Published and upcoming works include Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future, Ghost in the Shell: The Human Algorithm, Witch Hat Atelier, and Magus of the Library. First Prize winner in the Manga Translation Battle Vol. 6.


Puns, Pop-Culture, and Plenty of SFX

Creative translations of Japanese popular culture (aka the otaku zone) might seem easy, but manga, light novels, and video games each come with their own challenges. Join Emily Balistrieri, Stephen Kohler, and Jennifer O'Donnell in an interactive discussion full of laughter and...