Terry Gallagher

Terry Gallagher

Terry Gallagher has been a full-time independent translator since 2000, mainly in the world of business and finance. This year he also became a Research Associate at Harvard University’s Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies. His translation of Self-Reference Engine by Akutagawa Prize winning author Toh Enjoe was honored with the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission Prize for Translation of Japanese Literature (2015), and with the Philip K. Dick Award Special Citation (2014). His work as literary translator began with two stories in the ground-breaking 1991 anthology Monkey Brain Sushi, which was edited by Birnbaum. He has translated five books and many short stories, mainly for Viz Media. Previously, he was a journalist in Tokyo, Bonn, and New York. Originally from Brooklyn, he has a B.A. from Brown University, and now lives on Cape Cod. He is a member of JAT and a member and former board member of the New England Translators Association (NETA).


The Face of Another Galapagos: Reading Japan Today

What face does Japan present to the world today? News about business and politics gives an important part of the picture, but literature gives a different kind of insight. The term “Galapagos syndrome” is frequently used to describe Japanese technology products so uniquely...