Chris Durban

Chris Durban is a freelance translator based in Paris. She works French>English for a range of demanding clients, focusing primarily on corporate and financial communications.

Chris translates every day and enjoys it immensely. She has also written client education materials (including Translation, Getting it Right; Interpreting, Getting it Right) and business advice for translators in the Fire Ant & Worker Bee column (now compiled in book form; see

She is a Fellow of ITI and a member of ATA and SFT, and has served on association boards and committees for many years.


Building your business - Keeping it fresh (and lucrative)

Getting started as a translator is a challenge, but so is keeping your practice operating smoothly in an ever-changing world.

The point, after all, should be to enhance both the intellectual pleasure and your net income, while gaining greater control of your working conditions...


Plenary Panel Session

Art, Craft, Enterprise – Future Trends and Challenges for the Translation Industry