Dragoș Ciobanu

I am a Lecturer in Translation Studies specialising in Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, and I currently run the EU-accredited MA in Applied Translation Studies (MAATS) at the University of Leeds – accreditation obtained under the European Masters in Translation scheme.

My research and teaching focuse on making the most of CAT, Automatic Speech Recognition, Corpus Linguistics, and Machine Translation tools by professional translators.

I combine in-house experience as technical writer and translator with many years of training professionals, as well as students, to use a wide range of client, as well as server and web-based translation technologies.


Optimising the use of Automatic Speech Recognition tools

This interactive session will demonstrate a range of practical applications of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) tools for professional translators.

Using examples backed up by academic research conducted with the help of fellow translators, we will explore the paradox of low...