Oli Chance

Oli began working in video games in 1999, becoming a part-time tester at Square Enix while studying Japanese at SOAS. After a brief post-graduation spell in full-time employment (again with Square Enix), he went freelance as a translator in 2005.
Jobs with Square Enix, Nintendo and Sony eventually led him to set up a company—Shloc Ltd—with a close team of fellow freelancers, and Shloc have since gone on to translate several major titles, including multiple instalments of the Dragon Quest series, the Level 5/Studio Ghibli collaboration Ni No Kuni, and the two most recent Gran Turismo games.


Translation for Video Games: Approaches, Techniques and Challenges

Video games combine a number of types of translation, from the relatively dry and technical (system and UI text) right through to the highly creative (fully voiced dramatic scripts, heavily characterised dialogue, in-world books and documents etc.)
In what is still a relatively...