To Be or Not To Be…Productive

To earn more money you can either up your rates or up your productivity (or do both), but if you don't want to spend time on marketing and finding higher paying clients then upping your productivity and managing your time more effectively is probably the more realistic option.


There are many ways we can do this, and I feel like I have tested them all!

Over the past 15+ years I have tried everything from writing to-do lists on scraps of paper and creating all kinds of checklists to ensure there is food on the table and the house is (relatively) clean, to embracing CAT tools, voice recognition, marrying a Word macro programmer, taking online and offline courses and reading books on the subject, and buying a standing desk. All while raising two children (including a few years as a single-mother). Some things worked, some didn't, some I revisit, some I still strive to achieve.

And being a mere mortal, I have occasionally (cough) been known to procrastinate.


During this session I will introduce tips to help you improve your productivity and manage your time, including my current favourite systems. The tips will broadly be divided into three sections - PC tips, work environment tips, and time management tips.


What works for me, might not work for you, but I hope my presentation will give you some hints and ideas to take away, adapt and try for yourself.