Shuken Boku

Dr. Shuken Boku, MD, PhD, a native of Osaka, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Kyoto U. in 1998 and was a visiting researcher in biology at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. He later decided to practice psychiatry, and joined the Department of Psychiatry at Hokkaido University Hospital. As of 2014, he has been a lecturer at the Psychiatry and Neurology department of Kobe University Hospital. He continues to engage in basic research to establish novel insights into the pathogenesis of mental illness that goes beyond the ages-old neurotransmitter theories.


The Criminal Mind: Psychiatric Evaluations 101

Suspects accused of crime undergo these evaluations and results become evidence to be discussed in the courtroom, and in high-profile criminal cases, by the media, as society attempts to make sense of a terrible crime or horrific criminal behavior.

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