Beyond Translation for Information

How to Become Indispensable in J-to-E Patent Translation for Filing and Litigation

As high-volume translation is increasingly handled by discount vendors, it has become more difficult for translators to command high rates without offering indispensable expertise. While the translation of patents for simple information has seen downward price pressure, translation of patents for filing and litigation support is an area in which companies are still willing to pay for knowledge and skill.

This seminar will explain what US and Japanese attorneys are looking for in both translations for filing and translations for litigation support. We will present a methodology for meeting the requirements of literal translation, as well as strategies for dealing with particularly difficult constructions in translations for filing, which are rarely seen outside of the patent field. The session will include a short workshop, in which attendees will be asked to try their hands at some classic J>E patent translation stumpers and evaluate the possible solutions. People are also invited to e-mail us in advance ([email protected]) with difficult phrases and patent-specific terms that they would like to see discussed.

This session is best suited for translators who already have some experience in the field of patents or who have attended seminars covering the basics of patent translation in the past.