Marceline Therrien

Marceline Therrien has been an independent translator of business documents, particularly in the field of finance, for more than a decade. After completing a BS in Finance at Penn State, Marceline received a Rotary Foundation scholarship to study Japanese at ICU and economics at Chiba University. She subsequently joined Morgan Stanley, where she became one of the first non-Japanese persons to pass the Japan Securities Dealers Association examination for equity salespersons. As an equity research analyst, Marceline wrote short memos in Japanese and supervised the translation of her own full-length English-language reports into Japanese. Her clients include major investment banks and law firms.


Panel: Financial Translation

“Follow the money!” was source Deep Throat’s advice to the Washington Post reporters covering the Watergate scandal. “Because that’s where the money is,” was bank robber Willie Sutton’s alleged response when asked how he chose his profession.

Financial translation is one major...