Registration has now closed. If you missed the deadline, please consider coming to IJET-28, which will be in Columbus, Ohio on the 8th and 9th April, 2017.

The Japanese Association of Translators (JAT) warmly welcomes you to the website for the 27th International Japanese-English Conference (IJET-27).    Thank you for visiting us.  

Sendai, the City of Trees, is our host city this year.  Also known for being founded by the warrior Date Masamune (who graces the IJET-27 logo in his crescent-moon helmet) and for its annual Star Festival, Sendai is a short bullet train ride from Tokyo—you can be here in 90 minutes from Tokyo Station.  We’re excited about welcoming you to JAT’s first major conference held in Tohoku.

IJET-27 will be held over two days—June 18 (Saturday) and 19 (Sunday), 2016—and will include 30 sessions in five concurrent tracks.  The speakers are some of the best in the industry.  They'll provide you with practical advice on how to be a successful translator and interpreter, workshops to hone your skills, and new perspectives on this evolving industry.  And to kick off the conference and welcome you to Tohoku, our keynote speaker, Professor Kazumi Shimodate of Tohoku Gakuin University, has a special surprise that will show off the colors and textures of Tohoku-ben, the local dialect.

When IJET-27 opens its doors, over five years will have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake struck.   The people of Tohoku are working hard to revive their region and thrive again.  Similarly, each attendee will be given the opportunity to build their business and create new business opportunities.

If you’re serious about translating or interpreting, our biggest event of 2016, IJET-27, is for you.  We’re looking forward to June 2016 and hope that you’ll be with us at Sendai International Center to enjoy the conference and Sendai.

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