CEO & President, TMJ Japan Ltd

Joe Ogata

In 1991, Joe Ogata moved to Harry Hopman Tennis Academy in Florida, USA. Graduated from San Francisco (B.A in IR) and George Washington University (MA in IR.) In 2001, joined Accenture Japan, worked in the Government sector, and established TMJ Japan Ltd. in 2004. In 2009, he concurrently served as the managing director for Perform Media, responsible for the management of, the world’s largest football website; Opta, a sports data compiler; and ePlayer, a video streaming platform. He is one of the pioneers of digital business in Japan. TMJ Japan also hosts, the inbound media platform for foreigners visiting and living in Japan.

In the translation business, TMJ Japan specializes in the areas of IT, outsourcing, and digital (analytics, cloud, big data, IoT) for mostly clients of foreign capital consulting firms. 


Adversarial relationships? People and business processes of a translation company

In this presentation, we will discuss the processes implemented by a translation company during the daily operations. In particular, we will focus on the following processes:

Recruiting process (criteria)

Outsourcing processes

Translation processes