INT SIG: Interpreting Services

A lot of meetings have been held not only for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games but also for various purposes with interpreting services. The purpose of this session is to have an interactive and informative time on current interpreting jobs between participants and JATINT Committee members. The speakers will talk about their own area of interpreting expertise. The participants will ensure an adequate Q&A time about interpreting jobs and required skills.

For: Interpreter who wants to expand their areas of expertise, Candidate for an interpreter


Presentation 1: Being an interpreter in Norway: the new trend and the market (by Hiroko KIMURA)

Diversity and multilingualism in a volatile Europe, heading for Disruption. Norway is a high-cost land. The cost-reduction and the speed can be provided by AI, remote interpretation and remote translation across borders and continents. To master the new situation and the challenges, the professional associations for translators and interpreters are trying to find new structures to meet the future. Some innovative companies and pilot projects for interpreter services have emerged, together with the funding support. The authority and the associations are working for “differentiating” or ranking the levels of service qualities in Norway. The speaker will report the current circumstances in Norway mentioned above.


Presentation 2: Remote Interpreting – Three-Way Telephone Meeting Anytime and Anywhere (by Ko IWATA)

Business leaders need to expand their knowledge to make better investment decisions. To gather

valuable background knowledge, they seek advice from professionals. Remote interpreting can help

today’s business leaders succeed and can be done anytime and anywhere. This session will give you

the ABCs about remote interpreting.


Presentation 3 TBA (by Akiko ENDO)


Presentation 4: ISO Standard and Interpreting Service (by Akiko SATO)

ISO18841:2018 Interpreting services -- General requirements and recommendations was finally published in January 2018 after long discussion for years. The purpose of this session is to introduce the ISO standard on interpreting and discuss about its critical points with audience.


Overview of ISO18841:2018 and other ISO standards on Interpreting
What points are critical?