Marian Kinoshita (IJET-23)

Marian Kinoshita was born and raised in the U.S. After 12 years of translating freelance, she established MDK Translations, Inc. in May 2008. Increased requests for business, technical and cultural document translation encouraged her to assemble a team of freelance translators and editors to collaborate on projects, ensuring higher levels of quality and accuracy. Marian continues to adjust her own business to work around temporary downturns in the tourism industry and economy at large, both severely affected by the March 2011 Tohoku disaster.

MDK Translations is a one-person entity, but I work with several freelancers to ensure that each document is examined by two sets of eyes before reaching the client. The challenge is achieving the trio of goals: satisfying client needs, meeting deadlines, and keeping business profitable. I will reveal my QC efforts, which are still taking form, and successes and failures at this stage.


Pecha Kucha 法人化!