Networking with Ease

This program teaches participants how to confi dently and easily grow their contacts whether at a networking event, a conference or online through social networking sites. Networking done right will lead to lasting relationships with customers, prospects and partners. You'll master the art through learning key techniques to help your comfort, confi dence, and conversation skills. Topics covered include:

• Making an entrance and working the room

• The perfect handshake

• Remembering names

• Introducing yourself and others with ease

• Successful small talk and listening skills

• Social media networking

• Food fi nesse

• Gracefully ending a conversation

• Networking follow-up

Immediate Benefi ts: After this session, participants will understand:

• How to walk into a room and comfortably meet people even when you don't know anyone

• The fi ve inappropriate handshakes and the proper handshake that conveys confi dence and authority

• The six ways to help you remember people's names so that people feel special

• How to start, sustain and end a conversation with someone at a networking event

• The proper way to eat food and carry a drink at a networking event

• How to make a proper business introduction even when you don't remember someone's name

• The different social networking sites and how to effectively use them to build and grow relationships

• How to deepen relationships with a networking contact through appropriate follow-up after the event