Fred Uleman

Fred Uleman came to Japan after graduating from the University of Michigan, and started translating in 1967 at Kunihiro Masao’s instigation. The first few years were spent doing a wide variety of J2E work at Simul International and on his own. Yet he quickly realized the advantages of specializing – i.e., indulging his interest in business and politics -- and assembled an impressive array of public- and private-sector clients. Now more than 40 years later, he has scaled back and spends the bulk of his time on family and community concerns. He was a founding member of first SWET and then JAT and was recently re-elected to another term on the JAT Board of Directors.


Panel: Show Me the Money!

This panel will focus on topics such as how to charge, negotiation strategies, productivity, rates and income, quality, branding, volume, competition, working with agencies and exchange rates.