Guy Shea

Guy Shea has spent 25 years writing, translating and sometimes editing finance-related documents. He spent 8+ years planning and writing Japanese corporate annual reports and other investor-oriented materials for one of the leading IR agencies in Japan at the time, then moved to the securities industry where he spent 10+ years as head of research publications teams at three firms (Japanese and foreign). His duties included managing in-house translators, building networks of outside freelancers, and coordinating the outsourcing of translation to those freelancers. Shea has
spent the past 6+ years as a freelance translator of equity and fixed-income (mostly Japanese muni bonds) reports for several leading brokerage houses in Tokyo. He is also again doing some IR materials, mostly related to corporate quarterly results announcements.


Panel: Financial Translation

“Follow the money!” was source Deep Throat’s advice to the Washington Post reporters covering the Watergate scandal. “Because that’s where the money is,” was bank robber Willie Sutton’s alleged response when asked how he chose his profession.

Financial translation is one major...