Terry Gallagher (IJET-22)

Terry Gallagher has been a freelance translator (Japanese/German to English) for over a decade, working from his home on Cape Cod. Previously, he spent 15 years as a financial reporter and editor for Reuters and Dow Jones, in Tokyo, Bonn, and New York. Originally from Brooklyn, he has a BA from Brown University. His translation work is mainly financial materials for investment banks, and he also translated the Bank of Japan’s definitive tome on its operations. His projects in a lighter vein include a novel (Be With You, by Takuji Ichikawa), the manga edition of the same title, and short
stories (two single-author volumes – The Stationmaster by Jiro Asada, and ZOO by Otsuichi – and in the anthologies Monkey Brain Sushi and the Penguin Book of Erotic Stories by Women). He also provided research and editing for the book Dog Man: An Uncommon Life on a Faraway Mountain, by Martha Sherrill. His personal heroes are the Tang dynasty poet Han Shan and the Roman philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius.


Panel: Financial Translation

“Follow the money!” was source Deep Throat’s advice to the Washington Post reporters covering the Watergate scandal. “Because that’s where the money is,” was bank robber Willie Sutton’s alleged response when asked how he chose his profession.

Financial translation is one major...