Tim Clark

Tim Clark is the author, co-author, translator, or editor of five books, including the international bestseller Business Model Generation, currently being translated into 14 languages, and an English adaptation of Toyotomi Hideyoshi no Keiei Juku, which became a bestseller in Indonesian translation after its US release under the title The Swordless Samurai. Clark is currently writing a new book (BusinessModelYou.com) about applying business model thinking to personal career development. The work has been optioned by Wiley.

Clark started his career as a Japanese - to-English translator, then worked at Kodak before starting a Japanfocused market research/market entry consultancy that was eventually acquired by a NASDAQ-listed corporation. Since then he has been writing, investing, and teaching graduatelevel entrepreneurship courses. He holds undergraduate, MBA, and doctoral degrees from Stanford University, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Hitotsubashi University’s Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy.


Reinventing Your Personal Business Model

How to Boost Earnings and Satisfaction as a Writing Professional

This hands-on seminar teaches a simple but powerful “personal business model” approach to career development that helps participants earn more money and increase satisfaction by reconceiving the jobs they do on...